‘The Avengers 2’: Rumors Up To This Point

Here are the rumors we have so far about The Avengers 2.

We’ve already told you what we know so far about Joss Whedon’s super hero sequel The Avengers 2, right here on The Inquisitr, so now we’ll share some things we don’t really know yet.

With Ant Man being planned for release after The Avengers 2, The Wasp isn’t likely to make an appearance, either. The two are very connected as characters, as the comics have them as a married couple. The Wasp was planned for The Avengers as a backup in case Scarlett Johansson decided not to do The Avengers, but as it stands now, the two tiniest Avengers might have to wait until The Avengers 3 to make their appearance.

Daredevil may make a cameo in The Avengers 2, as Marvel has reacquired the rights to the character after the Ben Affleck film met with less than stellar success. Blade was another less than impressive outing that died as the series progressed into the terrible Blade Trinity. Marvel now has the rights back, but Blade is such a niche character that he might not be in the films again.

Ghost Rider is still in buried in legal hassles after its creator tried to get the rights away from Marvel, but he could make an appearance if things clear up by then and Marvel retains the rights. Doctor Strange might not appear in The Avengers 2, but he could definitely be in The Avengers 3 alongside a solo outing.

The Black Panther may also make his debut, after actor Morris Chestnut posted the announcement that it’s time to get to know the character, with a comic book cover featuring the Black Panther alongside Iron Man and friends, on Facebook.

It’s a long-shot, but a recent picture of The Amazing Spider-Man‘s Andrew Garfield carrying an issue of The Avengers with the name Thanos showing indicates that Marvel and Sony could be planning to work together to bring Spider-Man into The Avengers 3 in some way. After all, Thanos is being put off until the third film, to help wrap things up. That, or the actor just happened to like the comic book.

We need to remember, though, that too many new characters can ruin a film, as proven by other comic book super hero movies Spider-Man 3 and Batman and Robin. We can only hope that Joss Whedon can make the film worthwhile and not repeat the mistakes he’s made in the past (Alien Resurrection).

What do you think of the rumors surrounding The Avengers 2?