Facebook Is Building A Flipboard Style App, Rumor Claims

James Johnson

Facebook is building a Flipboard style app that will offer curated content from Facebook users and publishers according to a new rumor.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the application will be tailored for mobile use and will be similar to the current version of Flipboard, which offers users the option to create their own niche or large-scope magazines.

According to "people with knowledge of the project," the internal name for the software is simply called "Reader," although that name is likely to change upon release.

The rumor would provide insight into recently discovered RSS code that is buried inside Facebook's API. The newly revealed code appears to tie-in RSS feeds to specific user accounts. Essentially, the "Reader" app would combine RSS capabilities with a fluid user experience that makes reading on mobile devices easy and functional.

Unfortunately, the RSS reader code in Facebook's API is not functional at this time, so its true use is not known.

The race to replace Google Reader, which shuts down on July 1, is already underway. So far, Betawork's has announced the soon to arrive Digg Reader, and other options have come about from Feedly, Zite, and various other emerging competitors in the space.

The newest rumor is that alongside a Facebook reader the team at AOL will jump into the mix with an offering of its very own.

If Facebook does release an RSS reader with Flipboard type capabilities of its own, the company will likely create a separate app for the program as it did for Facebook Poke, Messenger, Pages, and other apps. The platform could also be in some way integrated into Facebook's current iOS and Android apps.

Will you be jumping on the personalized RSS bandwagon if Facebook begins offering a Facebook Reader of its very own?