Astronaut School Reunion: Overachiever Attends From Space

An astronaut school reunion might sound like a bunch of NASA veterans sitting around a table talking about math, but the reality is much cooler. Astronaut Karen Nyberg recently attended her 25th high school reunion, and it involved the International Space Station and showing her fellow classmates a view from 200 miles about Earth’s surface.

While other students were busy showing off pictures of their kids, pets, and friends, Nyberg was sitting aboard the ISS during her six-month stay.

During her live broadcast, Nyberg gave her old high school friends a tour of the International Space Station and even showed them the sun rising over the earth.

Having a little bit of fun with her fellow school reunion attendees, the astronaut flipped upside down and proclaimed, “This is my favorite part of the job.”

While Karen Nyberg was showing off her life in zero gravity, she still had time to offer some congratulatory messages. Speaking to a former classmate she proclaimed:

“Tracy and [her] fiancé? Congratulations, I guess I didn’t know that.”

Speaking to affiliate WDAY-TV, former classmate Andrea Rogers says of talking to her old friend:

“They kind of become your extended brothers and sisters, and in that respect Karen is like our family. For her to be able to join us sort of completes our family reunion as much as it is a class reunion.”

The Astronaut school reunion was made possible because of Nyberg’s very hard work. The female astronaut began training with NASA in 2000 and took her first flight in 2008. Nyberg’s most recent trip to the International Space Station began on May 28.

Not only did she shows off the International Space Station, she also allowed her former classmates to ask her questions about her stay in space.

Do you think the astronaut school reunion is the best way a former student has ever dropped in on their old school friends?