Aaron Carter Attacked By New Kids On The Block Fans In Boston [Report]

Singer Aaron Carter was reportedly jumped by a group of New Kids on the Block fans Saturday in what must have been some kind of former teen icon/boy band territory dispute.

Carter told TMZ that he managed to stand his ground against the gang of NKOTB fans but was still roughed up pretty bad. That line up top about a “territory dispute” is actually not that far from the truth either. The attack happened in Boston, and Carter says that the group attacked him for playing a show in the city, saying “this is the town of the New Kids.”


Carter, the younger brother of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, is currently on tour but managed to take a few minutes to post images of the fight’s aftermath on Instagram. The 25-year-old shows a black eye and bruised knuckles, which seems to indicate he did indeed get a few punches in.

He told the gossip site that his New Kids on the Block uber-fan attackers jumped into a gold Chevy Malibu together and drove off after the attack. I like to think that they performed “Didn’t I (Blow Your Mind This Time)” before they went, but that’s speculation.

In any case, we’re happy Carter is alright.

“I think my knuckles might be broken, but that’s what they get,” Carter said. “People think I’m a pretty little white boy but no way. I think I won. I’m still standing.”

Aaron Carter NKOTB

He also called out NKOTB member Jordan Knight on Twitter:

Eh @jordanknight this one of your homies? He got his ass handed to him last night but his boys got me..… http://t.co/DjcXfpkfgx

— Aaron Carter (@AARONCARTER) June 23, 2013

Which didn’t go so well:

Btw @jordanKnight thing was a joke I was just referring to Boston and he’s my only friend here!! Damn yo!

— Aaron Carter (@AARONCARTER) June 23, 2013

But it led to a great suggestion:

No one in the New Kids on the Block camp has commented on the Aaron Carter attack yet.

[Image via: s_bukley / Shutterstock]