Armie Hammer Talks Dangerous Stunts In ‘Lone Ranger’ Flick

Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp co-star in The Lone Ranger film which is set for release in theaters on July 3. The 26-year-old actor has recently commented on his dangerous stunts in the flick.

Hammer hasn’t spent too much time on the big screen as of late, but he’s right back in the action after filming on moving trains for the thrilling Western movie.

“They were going about 40 miles per hour,” Armie told Access Hollywood. “We built our own railway that we could use. I think it was like 12 miles of railway or something like that.”

He more than likely wasn’t expecting such difficult stunts, but that wasn’t enough to stop him from jumping on the train for prolonged takes.

“It was kind of a big loop that kind of had a little thing to it and figured out the proper angles so that they could maximize the amount of sunlight they would get and shoot for the most amount of time, at the right turns and all that,” Armie Hammer explained about his stunts. “So we basically would climb up top those trains and just ride in circles for hours until they ran out of film and then we’d go back down, re-load, go back up and just do it again.”

Acting can be a grueling life that eventually pays off with big bucks, but it’s the effort put forth that truly sets actors apart. Most popular movie stars take a seat for the big action scenes which require a stunt double.

No matter how difficult it must have been, Hammer went on to add that he enjoyed the stunts during filming of The Lone Ranger.

“I mean you’re standing on top of a train – the novelty never really wears off!” he said before adding, “[It was] fantastic. It’s basically going to work on a horse ranch for two weeks. Lassos, bull whips, hand guns, horses – every 6-year-old’s dream.”

Do you plan on seeing The Lone Ranger in theaters as Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp take on the adventurous Western flick?