Selma Blair Replacement: Lionsgate Starts Looking For ‘Sexy Latina’ Actress

Now that Selma Blair has been officially fired from Anger ManagementLionsgatge can start looking for her replacement.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the casting process has already begun to find Sheen’s love interest. Blair will reportedly be replaced by a “sexy Latina or Caucasian” actress who hates herself for being attracted to Sheen.

The casting call states that the FX show is looking for a woman in her 30s or 40s. She should also be between 5′ and 5’6″ so that she is a few inches shorter than Sheen.

Lionsgate is hoping to cast the perfect love interest for Charlie Sheen and they are apparently using Cheers as their guiding light.

The casting announcement reads: “If Charlie and Kate were like Sam and Diane on Cheers, then you are Rebecca… Tough, career driven, neurotic and you wear your heart on your sleeve… And you hate yourself for eventually becoming attracted to Charlie.”

Selma Blair’s replacement will reportedly join in right where Blair left off. The replacement will reportedly step into Kate’s shoes and continue the sex therapy study with Sheen.

Liongate said that the casting call was “exploratory” and said that the character’s appearance and role could change before joining the cast. Screen Crush reports that the new character will be introduced as a guest star before officially becoming Charlie Sheen’s longtime love interest.

Who do you think should replace Selma Blair?