The Xbox One Policy Reversal Has Caused Concerns: It Could Be Bad For Gaming

For many Xbox fans, the announcement that Microsoft has decided to do an Xbox One policy reversal, no doubt caused various celebrations. After all, the whole idea that used games would become the bane of most Xbox players lives had many gamers intending to abandon ship.

However, although there seems much reason to be happy about the policy reversal, Venture Beat has stepped forward with a somewhat different take about the move: they think that it could actually be bad for gaming.

You haven’t read that wrong, it genuinely seems that this news could have a more negative impact than we might have first thought.

According to Theo Priestley, a community writer for Venture Beat, he believes that, while Microsoft’s decision to alter their plans has maintained a status quo, it could actually end up preventing the gaming industry from growing and evolving.

Furthermore, Priestley also believes that, if the Xbox One policy reversal hadn’t taken place, that “nothing” would have happened.

He claims that people would have eventually stopped fighting against Microsoft’s decision and simply continued along the journey towards a new way of gaming.

In addition to his outspoken take on the Xbox One situation, the writer also made remarks about Sony and their “lack of understanding” about where the gaming industry needs to go. He also added:

“The company’s just appeasing the crowd, and it’s obviously pleased that the masses rose to the occasion.”

Whether you agree with this line of reasoning or not, and I’d wager that many gamers won’t, it certainly does add a different perspective to the whole policy reversal situation.

After all, the majority of news reports and articles have been about how good the move is, so surely this counterargument is doing nothing more than giving the situation balance?

On the other hand, when you consider that used games are quite a large part of the gaming industry, it does seem a little unusual to criticise Microsoft’s Xbox One policy reversals and the apparent willingness to listen to their fans and users.


[Image via TechRadar]