Demi Lovato’s Biological Father Dies

Patrick Lovato Died On Saturday

Demi Lovato’s biological father passed away on Saturday after an apparent cancer battle. The news was broken by Demi’s sister, Dallas, who tweeted, “Rest in peace daddy I love you..” on Saturday afternoon.

Lovato’s father, Patrick, was estranged from the former Disney star since 2007, though it is likely she still feels the pain of his passing.

Minimal details were given about Patrick’s death, though they could be released in the coming days. Demi’s father was a former musician and engineer.

While she made no comment about her father’s death on Twitter, Demi Lovato was noticeably absent during a judges photoshoot for X Factor USA on Saturday.

The show’s presenter Mario Lopez tweeted a picture of the judges, but Lovato was absent. In the caption, Lopez wrote, “With my @TheXFactorUSA team! Missing @ddlovato today…”

Demi Lovato wasn’t quiet about the problems she had with her father. He was the subject of her song “For The Love Of A Daughter,” which came off her third studio album, Unbroken, in 2011. In it, Demi sings about “family war” and the disappointment she felt.

Patrick Lovato split from Demi’s mother when she was a toddler. Last February, Demi Lovato explained that the song was very personal to her. She added:

“The lyrics are self-explanatory about my relationship with my estranged father whom I haven’t spoken to in five years. I wrote it when I was 16 and getting it out is like therapy.”

In 2011, Demi Lovato’s father reached out to her through the media, saying, “I love her so much, and I just want her to call me. This is the only way I can talk to her.”

While Patrick claimed to have reconciled with Demi in 2009, the singer released a statement saying, “We are still [estranged]. It’s not exactly how he made it out to be.” Lovato added that she hadn’t talked with her father since 2007.

While there was no confirmation on the cause of Demi Lovato’s father’s death, reports have said Patrick suffered from cancer in recent years.

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