Does Justin Bieber Have A New Monkey, Seriously? Jet, Set, No Go

It appears Justin BIeber may --- allegedly, reportedly, because-really-it's-just-too-surreal --- have a new monkey.

The startling news comes after reports Bieber kept a scheduled private jet waiting for eight hours while he "searched for his pet monkey" in West Palm Beach, Miami, Florida.

The teen star initially arrived into Miami Wednesday after jetting from Burbank airport. While there, the star watched the Game 7 Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs NBA final with friends and an unidentified woman.

According to TMZ, Bieber was scheduled to leave Miami at 11 am Friday but did not arrive at the strip until eight hours after.

Reportedly, the 19-year-old called to let the pilot know he was running late. But when he finally did arrive, he told the pilot he wasn't yet ready to leave because he had to get his monkey from West Palm Beach.

The website reports that the "Baby" singer even chartered a helicopter to take him to the monkey to avoid heavy traffic.

Back at the jet, the pilot was reportedly fuming about the delay and was prepared to leave with or without Bieber as he only had 30 minutes left on his shift.

But at the last minute Bieber turned up, without said monkey, at 17:10 pm, and boarded the jet to take him back to Burbank, Los Angeles.

Presently, multiple reports are carrying the new monkey story.

But, as yet, it's unclear if Bieber was reportedly referring to "Mally" the monkey --- that was seized by Munich customs officials in March after the singer failed to produce necessary travel documentation for the animal --- or whether the pop star has acquired a new one.

Mally is now the property of Germany and was re-homed in Serengheti Park, Hodenhagen in May.

During his delayed Miami transit Bieber posted four Instagram videos, one of which revealed the despondent looking Canadian saying, "there's just too much traffic."

It's a bizarre story and encores a string of other odd incidents over recent months.

On Thursday, Bieber posted his first Instagram video after discovering the photo-sharing application had a new video service.

The 15 second clip showed a slurring, giggly teen who may just have been having fun.

But, it also sparked much speculation that he may have been stoned.

Radar Online ran a story on Friday claiming Bieber's longtime manager, Scooter Braun, was "desperate" for the singer attend rehab. Citing alleged partying, pot use and drinking, the tabloid outlet quoted a source as saying:

"Justin is hanging out with the wrong people," the source purportedly added."It's been one incident after another with him and Braun has always been very supportive and still is."

Shortly after Radar's 'exclusive' went to press, Braun addressed the rehab rumor with a dismissive statement posted to his Twitter account. It read:

Meanwhile, Bieber will perform tonight in his first returning Believe world tour show at San Diego's Valley View Casino Center, before embarking on the remainder of the extensive second and last leg.

Justin Bieber May Have a New Monkey, Private Jet Delayed By Eight Hours