Brooke Anderson Pregnant: ‘Entertainment Tonight’ Host Expecting Second Child

Brooke Anderson is pregnant again, with the Entertainment Tonight correspondent expecting her second child later this year.

Anderson announced the news Friday on her website, saying she and husband Jim Walker are thrilled to be adding to their family. She joked that she’s a little nervous about going from one child to two but noted that Jim had a good strategy in mind — “man-to-man defense.”

The couple has one daughter, 4-year-old Kate Victoria, who Brooke said is ecstatic to become the older sister.

“She is over the top excited and definitely wants a baby sister,” Anderson shared. “Kate’s [sex] was a delivery room surprise for us, but we are leaning towards finding out this time, if nothing else than to prepare her in case she gets a brother instead!”

It was not an easy path to pregnancy for Brooke Anderson. She and Jim had struggled in the past, with Brooke suffering miscarriages. She opened up about the traumatic episodes on her blog, writing:

“As many women out there know, miscarriages are tough. I blamed myself. What did I do wrong? Why did my body reject this baby? Will I ever have another healthy pregnancy?

“My first happened on a flight from New York to Los Angeles. I will spare you all the details, but it was traumatic,” wrote the Entertainment Tonight correspondent. “I felt completely alone though I was surrounded by a crowd of fellow passengers. The pain was intense but the realization of what was happening was much more difficult to endure.”

Anderson said she was grateful that both took place during the first trimester and that she had “some very capable doctors” for support.

But the pain of the miscarriages took a long time to subside, she wrote.

“It took me months before I could talk about it. I just could not even vocalize what had happened because I didn’t want to face the reality of it. I have found it healing, though, to share my story and have had so many other women respond with ‘I also had miscarriages. Here’s what happened…’ “

Brooke Anderson is due with her second child in late November.