Ola Ray Releases ‘Remember’ Tribute To Michael Jackson [Video]

Singer Ola Ray released the song “Remember” on Friday as a tribute to Michael Jackson. Ray, who starred in Jackson’s “Thriller” video, wrote, directed, and produced the six-minute short.

In the original “Thriller” video, Jackson appears watching a movie at a theater with his girlfriend, Ola Ray. A character also played by Jackson turns into a werewolf in the movie, chasing down the girlfriend, also played by Ray.

The singer explained that the new track was created to honor Jackson and commemorate the time they spent together working on “Thriller.” Ola Ray released a statement, saying:

“This project has been a year in the making. I am very happy to have finished it in time for Michael Jackson’s fourth year anniversary passing. I hope everyone will enjoy.”

While Ola Ray gained fame for her part in “Thriller,” the singer and dancer began her career in Tokyo in the late 1970s. She formed a dancing troupe with her twin brothers and sister. While the group landed a CBS Records deal, Ray was able to secure modeling jobs in Japan.

Ola Ray became “Playmate of the Month” when she returned to the United States. Then came the “Thriller” video in 1982. While Ray wore a 50s ensemble during her video with Michael Jackson, the singer and dancer wore several racy outfits during “Remember.”