Steve Phillips’ Mistress Brooke Hundley Threatens To Sue The Inquisitr

They say some people are crazy, and the story of former ESPN Analyst Steve Phillips’ mistress Brooke Hundley, who as well as allegedly impersonating one of Phillips’ kids also managed to crash her car into his house after sending a letter to Phillip’s wife detailing his private parts might fit the definition.

Hundley had disappeared from public view since October last year, until appearing on CBS’s “The Early Show” in June to give “her side of the story” which included completely failing to address any of her rather interesting behavior.

We do feel sorry for people with mental illness, not that we know Hundley suffers it, but if she did we’d fell sorry for her. Except for one small little thing: we’ve received eight emails from her (at the time of writing) threatening to sue us over the pictures in our post from October last year covering her story.

Now under the DMCA, we’re obliged to comply with a request where it’s formally structured, but Hundley doesn’t seem to get basics, such as demonstrating that she owns the photos.

It gets better, because as we chatted to Hundley, she claimed among other things that she took the pictures herself, which sounds all very well and good until you notice that both pics show Hundley’s arms pointing down, suggesting they were taken by a third party. She also accuses us of hacking into her Facebook account and stealing the photos, despite the photos being freely available online (see the screenshot above from Google Images.)

She claims that she has hired a legal team that will come and get us, despite the fact that she sent the faulty notice herself. Oh, and as I pointed out to her, she’d have to sue me in Australia anyway :)

We’re not unreasonable people, and we always comply with the DMCA, but this is just bizarre.

Brooke, go get some help, and please don’t try to drive your car into Inquisitr HQ :)

Update: another dozen emails later and she FINALLY sends through a DMCA notice. Cookoo doesn’t even come close to describing this girl.