Ella Bleu Travolta Steals Spotlight From John Travolta At ‘Killing Season’ Premiere [Video]

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Ella Bleu Travolta walked arm and arm with her father John Travolta at the Killing Season premiere this week in New York.

Travolta, who stars alongside Robert De Niro in the new movie, brought his 13-year-old daughter as his red carpet date.

Ella Bleu isn’t too famous on her own right just yet but the 13-year-old has started an acting career.

She appeared in her father’s movie Old Dogs back in 2009 and is set to play Angel Gotti in a new movie about crime boss John Gotti.

John Travolta will be playing the lead role in that movie which will also star Anthony Hopkins.

Ella Bleu stole the spotlight from her father last night at the Killing Season premiere but John is used to it by now. His 13-year-old daughter has joined him on talk shows in the past and always gets more attention than the actor.

After the premiere of Old Dogs in 2010, Ella joined John for an interview on The Ellen Degeneres Show.

Here’s a video of Ella’s first talk show appearance at the age of 9-years-old.

Here’s a look at Ella Bleu Travolta from the Killing Season premiere in New York earlier this week.

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