South Fork: Colorado Fire May Destroy Entire Town

In South Fork, Colorado, fire may destroy the entire town. As dry conditions and high wind fuel the massive fires, authorities are concerned that they will continue to spread.

Officials have ordered all 400 residents of South Fork to evacuate immediately. They estimate that the chance of saving the town from the blaze is “low to moderate.”

The Black Forest Fire has already claimed the lives of two and has destroyed 400 homes, making it the most destructive fire in Colorado history.

As reported by Business Insider, the fires have ravished entire neighborhoods and left hundreds of Colorado residents homeless. Animals are also a concern as many residents have evacuated ranches, bringing their animals along. For some, the animals are part of their livelihood.

As reported by 9 News, residents in South Fork, Colorado, fear the fires may wipe out their entire town. The West Fork Fire and Windy Pass fires are both threatening the small village. Those two fires alone are responsible for destroying nearly 30,000 acres.

The West Fork Fire has already hit the Rio Grande National Forest, which completely surrounds South Fork. Authorities have stated that the the West Fork and Windy Pass fires are aggressive and spreading fast. Their aggressive behavior has been referred to as “undocumented and unprecedented.”

As reported by Yahoo News, the fires are currently spreading one mile every hour. They are now approximately seven miles away from South Fork.

South Fork is a resort town known for camping and hiking trails. It may be best known as home to the fictional “Kamp Komfort” as seen in National Lampoon’s Vacation. The memorable scene featured a dog and a picnic basket.

Authorities speculate that the fire was started by a lightening strike. The hot, dry weather, combined with numerous dead trees has made it impossible to fight from the ground. All efforts to extinguish or contain the fire from above have been fruitless.

The South Fork Colorado fire is sure to cause some degree of devastation. Unfortunately, authorities cannot predict exactly how bad it will be.

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