Miley Cyrus Yells At Paparazzi Over Pregnancy Question

Miley Cyrus wants everyone to know that she isn’t pregnant. A new Miley Cyrus pregnancy rumor started this week after she was photographed leaving a Beverly Hills doctor’s office.

Miley, apparently not feeling very well, was asked by a female member of the paparazzi: “Miley, are you pregnant?”

Cyrus immediately responded: “No I’m f–king sick, you bitch.”

It turns out Miley began suffering from a case of laryngitis on the very same day the music video for her hit single “We Can’t Stop” debuted.

Miley’s new 3-minute music video is a decidedly adult offering in which she spends most of the time gyrating at a crazy house party.

The Miley Cyrus pregnancy rumor comes on the heels of a strange week in Miley land. The former Disney star all but admitted this past week that she loves partying and drugs.

Miley and Liam Hemsworth were also spotted out in public this week for the first time in five months. The couple were spotted holding hands, and snoops say they looked happy together.

So is everything Miley has done this week based around a big publicity stunt to gain attention? If that’s the case, it’s working. Miley has been trending on various social and news networks for the last seven days.

In the meantime “We Can’t Stop” is receiving radio play, and Miley continues to make her rounds with the media, although she may be slowed down slightly thanks to her case of laryngitis.

What do you think of the new Miley Cyrus single and her current behavior?