Zynga says screw you to its customers

Ever wonder what happens once you’ve paid for all those virtual goods in thos silly ass social games that you waste your life away playing in Facebook and the company diceds the game isn’t popular enough, or making enough money?

Well wonder no longer, just ask the people who played Street Racer by social gaming favorite Zynga. The short end of the story is that you get screwed.

Yup, come August 2 Zynga will be shutting the doors on a game called Street Racer with no explanation as to why or refunds for any money spent in-game.

According Rob Crossley at Develop-Online customers will be offered credits to be used in other games

Zynga, which has been valued at $5 billion by independent analysts, did confirm that it will not be refunding its fans. It will instead be offering free credits that can be used in a selection of its other money-making titles.

“As an acknowledgment of the inconvenience these changes may have caused, we have offered credits to all players who have made a purchase in the last 90 days,” read a company statement sent to Develop.

While Speed Racer may not have been a well known game from the company that brought you such mind-numbing time wasters like FarmVille or FrontierVille I still think this is a pretty lousy way to treat your customers. Would it really have hurt to offer them a choice of a cash refund or credits?

image courtesy of joystiq