Clippers Celtics Trade: Kevin Garnett And Doc Rivers Could Be Leaving Boston

The Clippers Celtics trade isn’t dead yet.

Chris Paul is reportedly eager to play with Kevin Garnett and Doc Rivers and the Los Angeles Clippers have agreed to resume trade talks with the Boston Celtics.

According to Yahoo Sports, the Clippers walked away from the trade on Monday morning, saying that Boston was asking too much for Garnett and Rivers, but the team has decided to schedule another sit down with Boston.

The Celtics reportedly wanted two draft picks and DeAndre Jordan in the trade while the Clippers only want to give up one draft pick.

A league source told Adrian Wojnarowski: “The money is not a hang-up in this right now … It’s about the draft pick.”

The exact terms of the deal haven’t been decided yet but Pro Basketball Talks reports that both sides are eager to get the trade done. Clippers owner Donald Sterling has reportedly been sent the terms of the Clippers Celtics trade and could sign off on it this weekend.

ESPN reports that in addition to a disagreement over terms, the Clippers Celtics trade also hit a roadblock this week due to NBA rules. Since coaches cannot technically be traded, the Clippers would have to give more than they want for Garnett in order to get the right to sign Rivers.

As of now, the Clippers will give up DeAndre Jordan and one or two draft picks for Kevin Garnett. The draft picks are basically being given to the Celtics in exchange for the team to release Rivers from the 3-years he has left in his contract. The Clippers would then sign Rivers to a $35 million, 5-year deal.