Chris Bosh Tells Miami Fans Who Left Game 6 Early ‘Don’t Come Back’ For Game 7

Chris Bosh doesn’t have any sympathy for Miami Heat fans who left Game 6 in the final seconds assuming their team’s season was over.

As the Heat fell behind five points with under 30 seconds to play, a stream of Heat fans headed to the exits. But as they were leaving, LeBron James hit a three-pointer, the Spurs missed too many free throws, and Ray Allen connected on a prayer of a three-pointer.

Overtime, just like that.

For the dozens of fans who left the arena, the 103-100 victory was the biggest win they never saw.

Chris Bosh had some angry words for the fair-weather fans after the game.

“For all those guys [fans] who left, make sure they don’t come to Game 7,” Bosh said. “We only want the guys who want to stay. … You never give up. People gave up on us. They can stay where they are and watch the game at home.”

Television cameras captured the chaotic moment when the crowd suddenly realized that the game was not over, but were turned away by security as the stadium has a strict policy of no re-admittance. Bosh said it’s what they deserved.

“You can’t get let back in after you leave,” Bosh said. “I know that. Hell, I’ve been to games. You can’t leave a game and then come back. It doesn’t make any sense. You left. It’s not punishment, that’s protocol.”

Chris Bosh was actually one of the main reasons why the Heat won. He scored some timely baskets and blocked the Spurs final two shot attempts, including a running three-point attempt by Danny Green as time expired.

Bosh had said before the game that Green, who already set the record for three-pointers in an NBA Finals series, would not be open this game, and he made sure to it himself.

It was a marked difference from the Chris Bosh who actually apologized to teammates for his poor performance against the Indiana Pacers in the Eastern Conference Finals and has struggled with inconsistency throughout the playoffs.

After Chris Bosh told the early exiting fans not to come for Thursday’s final game, the Heat faithful might be curious which Chris Bosh is showing up for Game 7.