Daniel Radcliffe Wants To Be A Bond Villain

Daniel Radcliffe doesn’t think he’d make a very good James Bond. However, the young actor said he wouldn’t mind playing a villain in one of the Bond movies.

Fans of the Harry Potter alum tend to think Radcliffe is a dashingly handsome guy. However, the actor doesn’t think he has what it takes to play the world’s greatest spy.

“I am never going to be cast to play a Bruce Willis character in Die Hard,” Daniel Radcliffe recently told The Sun during a recent interview.

He added, “I would make a much better villain than Bond — I am not nearly strapping enough to play Bond.”

While Radcliffe has gone to great lengths to distance himself from the boy wizard who made him famous, he hasn’t had much of a chance to really explore his dark side on the big screen. However, that’s all about to change.

The actor can be seen next in director John Krokidas’ drama Kill Your Darlings, a film that is notably darker in tone than his previous work. The movie tells the story of three beat poets who come together after a murder in 1944.

Daniel Radcliffe will play the role of beat poet Allen Ginsberg in the flick. He will be joined by such familiar faces as David Cross, Elizabeth Olsen, Ben Foster, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jack Huston, and Dexter star Michael C. Hall. The film opens in select theaters in the US on October 18.

Director Alexandre Aja also cast Radcliffe in his upcoming horror flick Horns. The actor stars as a man who begins to grow strange horns out of his temples following the mysterious death of his girlfriend. Juno Temple, James Remar, and Max Minghella co-star.

If Daniel Radcliffe is serious about tackling a sinister role in an upcoming James Bond picture, then now the perfect opportunity for him to suit up. Director Sam Mendes and the suits at MGM are reportedly putting together the next installments right now.

Are you a fan of Daniel Radcliffe? What do you think about the actor’s desire to play a Bond villain?