LeBron Headband Game: Heat Star Dominates After Losing Headband [Video]

LeBron James had a pretty mediocre night up to the final quarter of game 6 of the NBA Finals, and then he lost his headband. The Miami Heat star went into “beast mode” during the final minutes of the game last night which is now being dubbed as “LeBron’s Headband game.”

LeBron has been made fun of his headband for years (mainly because it keeps moving up on his head as his hairline recedes) and last night he finally tossed it off the court. OK, so it happened by accident. Still, LeBron was a new man without his headband.

It happened with about nine minutes left in the fourth quarter. Tim Duncan went up for a block and ended up knocking off James’ headband. The Heat star didn’t have time to pick it up and ran back to the other end of the court.

After that, James made a dunk, blocked a shot, and hit an incredible three to help send the game into overtime. According to Yahoo Sports, James scored 14 points, grabbed four rebounds, and made three assists after he lost his headband.

James said: ”I don’t even remember the play much. I was just focused on the job, the task at hand, and just trying to be aggressive, just trying to figure out ways I could help the team get back into the game. And you know, I guess the headband was the least of my worries at that point.”

Here’s a video from the NBA. You can skip the first 20 seconds of the video which show LeBron still wearing his headband. And really, who wants to see that?

Here’s another video. Again, skip to the 1:10 mark if you only want to see LeBron James playing WITHOUT a headband.

The Miami Heat were less than a minute away from elimination last night but LeBron James, sans headband, managed to keep the team’s Championship hopes alive. Well, him, Chris Bosh and Ray Allen.