Keep your Macs: Commodore’s Amiga is 25 years old

Rainbow Islands. Speedball II. Syndicate. Sensible World of Soccer. Lemmings. Championship Manager. Those are just some of the Amiga games that utterly gripped me back when I owned my first Amiga.

That’s why today is a special day for former Amiga-heads like myself: because exactly 25 years ago, on July 24th 1985, the Amiga 1000 went on sale for the first time, complete with 256KB of memory and a resolution of 640×256. The price for this powerhouse at launch? A bargain $1,595, including a 13-inch monitor. In other news, I are ancient.

Anyway, if you ever doubted the Amiga’s inherent awesomeness, ask yourself this: How many other game platforms are launched with Andy Warhol painting Debbie Harry? Exactly:

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[Via Engadget]