Why I hate College Football

I try not to be so cynical, but alas I am a professional sports blogger so I guess it is in my nature. The thing about College Football, and all college sports for that matter, is that any big time program has without a doubt broken rules along the way. The Reggie Bush USC Trojans, The UNC football program, and now it looks like the Florida Gators. We can put aside the obvious answer to this question which is the BCS and focus in on all of the cheating.

I want to put the focus of this squarely on College Football. Since it brings in a tremendous amount of money to a school, and the kids get a free degree (in most cases) but somehow are not fairly compensated. Ya know a college degree from a big time school is worth its weight in gold. For most people not named Brett Favre Football is not a life long career. College athletes will need to fall back on their degree in their post playing days.

I think four years of service on the filed of play is pretty good trade for a degree from a big time school. I have spent a lot of money for me and my wife to get degrees from not so well know schools, so I can only imagine the cost of this. However, while I understand why people cheat, and student athletes take kickbacks to get ahead. I have a hard time buying that it takes so long for this stuff to come to light.

Why is it that every time we hear about NCAA rule violations (for the most part) the person in question has already begun their pro career and the school has to take the full weight of the punishment for their misconduct. It makes no sense. I don’t really care that Maurkice Pouncey took 100 grand in his time at the University of Florida, I care about the guy still attending there breaking the rules. That is what we need to focus on now.