SixApart cuts 8% of workforce, management take a pay cut

Blogging platform and service provider SixApart have announced an 8% cut in its workforce, along with a management pay cut.

The cut amount to 16 employees from a workforce of around 200 people, 90 of whom were employed in the last 12 months. The job cuts are accompanied by a company wide restructure, including the amalgamation of SixApart’s marketing, community, and support groups in a new “genius group;” an increase in staff via internal transfer into SixApart services, the professional services group that caters to commercial customers; and a renewed commitment to SixApart Media, the launched in April blog advertising arm.

CEO Chris Alden said in a post to the SixApart blog that management would be taking a 15% pay cut as part of the restructure.

More details on the SixApart blog here.

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