StarCraft II cost $100m to make

Comparisons are always being drawn between the film and game industries, but few films cost $100m to make. That’s how much publisher Activision has invested in StarCraft II, according to the Wall Street Journal – and that’s not including marketing costs.

As the follow-up to 1998’s much-loved strategy classic StarCraft, StarCraft II is guaranteed huge sales figures, though $100m is hugely costly for any game – Grand Theft Auto IV cost roughly the same, but few other $100m games exist.

StarCraft II has taken seven years to develop, but will finally launch on July 27. It will release alongside Blizzard’s revamped service, which is bringing improved matchmaking, achievements, but NOT YOUR REAL NAME to the table.

The original StarCraft sold a cool 11 million units in its lifetime, with the game becoming a bona fide phenomenon in certain countries, so I reckon Activision’s big stake is safe.

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[Via WSJ]