ThinkGeek adds “Mayor of Your Mom” Foursquare shirt, and it’s pretty fly

As this shirt works for both avid Foursquare users and fervent Foursquare haters, it’s a very win-tastic addition to the ThinkGeek collection.

“Your Mom” is a classic comeback, which makes it shirt-worthy in and of itself, but the ThinkGeek copy gets much more out of the whole pre-internet yo’ momma meme, throwing down all geek-style:

I hear you get a discount with that, too.

You would not believe how many people have checked in at Your Mom in the past month. I keep getting bumped from my mayorship, so I have to go check in again. Such a pain in the a**. (That’s what she said.)

And, on Foursquare check-ins in general:

So on foursquare there are places you want to check in and there are places you don’t want to check in, even to raise your ranking on the leaderboard. You don’t want to be the mayor of your prostate doc’s office, your gyn, or your colon hydrotherapy spa. That’s all stuff the world is better off not knowing. Don’t check in at the local jail before they confiscate your goods. Even if you’re staying overnight. And you don’t want to check in at your local rehab facility (we’re looking at you, Mayor Charlie Sheen). Although if your friends suddenly all check in, you might consider whether they could be staging an intervention on your behalf.

The shirt is unisex (aside: please stop doing this, retailers! It is not compatible with tittehs) and available at ThinkGeek- $15.99, or $17.99 if you’re chubby.