Watermelon Oreos Exist And They’re Good

Dan Evon - Author

Oct. 25 2016, Updated 3:42 a.m. ET

Watermelon Oreos exist and they’re available at target.

The new Oreos, which feature bright pink and green filling between to vanilla cookies, might sound a little strange but food bloggers have been giving the cookies some nice reviews.

JunkFoodGuy said that he had some pretty low expectations for the new flavor but ended up enjoying them.

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The website writes: “I opened up these Limited Edition Watermelon Golden Oreos, expecting to smell an awful fake watermelon smell to come wafting out…but nothing … As soon as I bit into one … I got an immediate light watermelon taste. I’ll just say it right off the bat….I liked these. A LOT. These DIDN’T overwhelm me with artificial (well, overly artificial) watermelon flavor. Instead the immediate taste I got was a watermelon taste that tasted like, frankly, it had been blended with creme.”

FoodJunk.com came to the same conclusion. The website writes that the vanilla cookie takes up 75% of the flavor profile but the light watermelon taste “makes the cookie as a whole.”

Dinosaur Dracula adds: “These new ones are actually good. Though you could accurately describe the flavor as ‘watermelonny,’ the vibe I got was pure Bubblicious. The cream filling, resplendent in its shocking hues, tastes exactly like Bubblicious gum.As strange as that seems, it works.”

The Watermelon Oreos have gotten some good reviews from critics but they still might be a little too weird for the average consumer. Still, Nabisco hopes that cookie lovers will bring the limited edition flavor to their next picnic. The company did not say if you should dip the Oreo in milk or lemonade.

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The Clarion Ledger notes that this isn’t the first time that Nabisco has sold an interesting flavor of Oreos. The company has also sold Strawberry Shake, Candy Cane, Peanut Butter, Birthday Cake, and Gingerbread Oreos in the past.

Are you going to try the new cookies? Yahoo reports that the limited edition cookies will be available exclusively from Target this Summer.

[Image Via FoodJunk]


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