The 100 Diet, 18 Pounds In 14 Days?

The 100 Diet is the latest in a series of plans aimed at streamlining menus and cutting sugar, but can you really lose 18 pounds in 14 days with such unrestricted eating guidelines?

Jorge Cruise’s The 100 makes a new-ish claim about what matters in diet and how eating just 100 calories from sugar a day (also known as limiting your carb intake) will radicalize your weight loss — and even allow for unlimited quantities of some decidedly not-celery foods.

The plan sounds a bit like a magic bullet, albeit not too unlike the old and controversial Atkins style of dieting, wherein carbs are restricted to those from leafy greens and other low-sugar veggies. (No carrots or corn!)

But it’s not just chocolate and pasta in Cruise’s sights in The 100‘s diet — speaking to Redbook, the diet guru attacks some seemingly “safe” foods that actually harbor some damning carb counts. You ready to have your diet mind blown?

Cruise explains:

“Eating carbohydrates – which are sugars – increases insulin. In our world, 80- to 90-percent of women’s weight-gain comes from overindulging in insulin-stimulating food. And it’s not hardcore, straight-up, I-can-see you-in-the-face sugar. They’re eating whole-wheat bread. They’re eating ancient grains. They’re eating black beans. That stuff is horrible.”

But 18 pounds in two weeks? Is that even safe? We’ve long been told that one to two pounds a week is what healthy, sustainable weight loss looks like.

The 100 diet not only has some drastic health food claims, Cruise also opines that a faster rate of weight loss is to be expected if you have a bit more weight to lose:

“I think in America we’ve lowered our standards. If you have four pounds to lose, one or two pounds a week is great. But if you have 30 pounds to lose, and you’re losing one pound a week, you’re doing something wrong: you’re eating carbs. You’re eating whole-wheat bread and whole-wheat pasta. You’re eating oatmeal with agave nectar and blueberries. It’s all sugar.”

(Do you like this guy? I like this guy.) But does it really work? Calorie counters remain skeptical:


“Also, I’m sure that people that are accustomed to eating a lot of sugar and refined carbs will experience weight loss when these foods are drastically reduced … But in reality, weight loss is a tad more complicated than just keeping sugar calories to 100 or less each day. For example, if a dieter eats 3000 calories of cheese a day or 3000 calories of steak, I don’t think they will experience weight loss.”

And clinical dietician Angela Majerle with MetroHealth Medical Center told Fox8:

“It’s a problem because you’re eliminating huge food groups. You’re eliminating whole grains, rice, fruits, and many vegetables … The initial six to eight pounds you might lose in that first week is water weight; it’s not fat weight at all.”

However, with Americans increasingly seeking a new approach, it seems The 100 diet stands to perhaps turn the standard way of losing weight around and perhaps make dieting easier for people who struggle with carb overload.

Have you tried a plan like Jorge Cruise’s The 100 diet?