Miley Cyrus Talks Social Media, Celeb Bullying, Bieber, And More

Miley Cyrus opened up in a radio interview released Monday for Atlanta’s The Bert Show. The outspoken twerking sensation turned out to have a lot to say about social media, particularly Twitter.

The Bert Show host actually claimed that they’re the ones who told Miley Cyrus about Twitter. I don’t know about that. It sounded like Cyrus might or might not remember it exactly that way.

In any event, she made it clear that Twitter is her preferred form of social media. She really seems to know how to use it to give fans a peek into her life.

For instance, I reported yesterday on her fun “no pants” tweets from Chicago. Miley Cyrus was in the city to promote “We Can’t Stop” and have dinner with her mother, who is divorcing her father Billy Ray Cyrus.

However, there’s a dark side to Twitter, as she acknowledged in the new Bert Show interview. She brushed off specific examples of celebrity bullying, but we all know that she was recently one of the victims of a verbal attack by Twitter heckler Amanda Bynes.

Cyrus noted that the attack seemed to be planned to take advantage of her popularity: “I was trending worldwide on Twitter…a big part of the world is talking about you and talking about your music…”

It sounded like she went out of her way to avoid giving Bynes any more publicity by mentioning her name. Cyrus kept it classy as she explained that she has talked to Twitter about “finding a better way to filter out haters.”

Right now, Miley Cyrus can’t follow back her fans because she doesn’t want to become overwhelmed with the haters. She said that she doesn’t have a solution but she speculated that there could be a way to block someone from using Twitter who gets a lot of requests from other users to block their account.

“Right now I can’t reply back to the good ones…”

But she’s still putting herself out there for fans. I’ve posted just a few of her many recent tweets down below to give you a taste.

As for those Justin Bieber rumors?


“There’s a 100 percent chance that I will collaborate with him because I already have,” she said. However, she refused to put a number on the chances that a Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus collaboration will ever be released.

You can visit their website to hear the entire The Bert Show interview with Miley Cyrus.


— Miley Ray Cyrus (@MileyCyrus) June 14, 2013

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