‘Mad Max’ Developer Avalanche Says Games Are Too Short

Mad Max developer Avalanche has said that games are being traded in because they’re too short.

This is almost a relief to those of us hoping Mad Max will be worth putting our money and attention into. If the developer is saying games are too short these days, it means they’re probably putting a lot of effort into making the game as long and content-filled as possible.

Christofer Sundberg, founder of Avalanche, points out the possibility that games are being traded in because there isn’t enough to keep the gamers’ attention in the long run. If the game is too short or there isn’t enough content or challenge to make you want to go back and try again, you most likely won’t care after you’ve beaten it, and it’ll end up at the local used game store.

Christofer Sundberg said:

“I’m sure it’s been an issue but that’s because games have been too short. I mean, when you can play a game through from 8 to 10 hours, I would return the game too, because there’s no reason for players to play it again. If you’re offering little variation, then there’s no motivation for the player to keep that game – unless they want to have a nice bookshelf. That’s why we answered that with Just Cause. I go into game stores each week and I always go to the used game boxes – I usually don’t find that many [copies of Just Cause].”

He has a point. Relying too much on DLC to keep gamers coming back can backfire. Nobody wants to pay an extra 40 dollars on a game they’ve owned for a month just to have something else to do. A lot of games are guilty of this lately, giving you just enough content or challenge to fill up a weekend or two, and then you’re done. The gaming industry has been around for decades, and developers can do better than that.

Game was too short meme
"Game was too short" meme.

Thankfully, Avalanche is the developer behind Mad Max, indicating that they’re working on making it something you’ll come back to for years to come, much like the movies themselves.

What do you think of Mad Max developer Avalanche saying games are too short these days?