Who knew women were so dirty minded

Yup, it seems, according to Today’s Christian Woman, that one out of six women (Christian women included) are being lured into pornography addiction.

Now I want to just clarify one thing before going any further with this rib tickling news item. As far as I am concerned this whole pornography and sex addiction thing – it’s a load of crap used to enable a bunch of psychologists to buy next year’s BMW. So when I see statements in the Washington Times that perpetrate this malarkey I just want to laugh.

Serious what else can you do but laugh when you read stuff like this:

Researchers have long known that the Internet has contributed to pornography addiction by making it so easily accessible — no need to go out in a raincoat, pull a hat down over the face, and sneak furtively into the red-light district.

In the past much of this so-called porn addiction was leveled at, and used as an excuse by men. It would seem now though, at least according to some survey originally done ion 2006 by Internet Filter Review that 17 percent of women said that they were in the terrible grip of a pornography addiction. Top that off with another study in 2008 by Internet Pornography Statistics that 30 percent of porn consumers are women and you get the feeling that the very moral fiber of our society is coming crashing down.

Of course the psychologists are all over this with incredibly cognizant opinions as Rachel B. Duke points points out in her Washington Times article:

Psychologists and researchers attribute the increase to the Internet’s anonymity and safety. Now a woman needn’t sneak into the places good girls avoid.

“Women can still become addicted to pornography in the same way that men do,” said Douglas Weiss, a licensed psychologist and executive director of Heart to Heart Counseling Center in Colorado Springs. “I do think that the partial reason for this is women becoming more intelligent about usage of the Internet — going online and chatting, developing relationships and acting out sexually.”

Studies have shown that women find it easier to click a few buttons on the Internet to search for sexually alluring material. In the absence of a social context, pornography is more appealing to women because there are no social repercussions for using it.

The nice things here is of course that us guys can now feel better knowing that Miss Goodie Two Shoes over there is probably your best friend on Ashley Madison.