Angelina Jolie Talks Sexy Pictures and Cake Baking

Angelina Jolie gave another one of her irritatingly perfect interviews recently, this time with The Sunday Times. It’s a hefty one that’ll keep the tabloids humming along for ages, and my favorite parts are when Angelina claims to have “never hurt anybody” in her life, and journalist Tony Allen Mills sounds like he’s totally crushing on her and her “milk-heavy curves.” That’s not all, though!

Angelina let us in on those juicy W magazine details (from her “scandalous” photo shoot), saying that:

“It became this one-week project in our house.” […] The way she tells it, matters quickly got out of hand, and some of the photographs proved far too sexual to be released on an unsuspecting American audience.

“Yeah, we thought about it, we’d look at the pictures as art and say this is a really interesting photograph, but then we’d know better and we’d think about how it was going to be received. So we made it a little more tame than it was originally.”

I’m glad she had the foresight to hold back on the racier stuff, considering the reaction to her innocent breastfeeding shots. Nobody needs that kind of drama.

What did strike me was Angelina’s creepy description of her family, likened by Mills to “baking a cake” and sounding impersonal to the extreme:

“Most likely we’ll adopt again. As we layer them in, with two new ones, we’re watching that balance, that shape and form, and once we feel that’s solid, we’ll know when it’s time to bring in another.”

“The two new ones” are Vivienne and Knox, and “them” refers to her precious kiddies in general. How personal, WTF?! I think she goes into autopilot when she gives interviews now.