Sony gives you another reason not to buy a PSP Go

Okay, so I give the PSP Go a hard time on here. It’s true. I will freely admit I’m not a fan. If you ask me, PSP Go is overpriced (even Sony agrees with me) and simply unnecessary – a downloads-only gaming device that came about because of Sony’s mercenary plan to cut out the middle men (retailers) to maximise their own profits.

Even though Sony recently twigged it was charging consumers too much and gave away a stack of free games to new PSP Go owners, the sales figures for the console remain laughable. Frankly, I don’t see much of a future for it.

To make matters worse, it now appears that Go owners won’t be able to play certain PSP Camera-driven games, such as EyePet PSP, or Invizimals (which is out later this year). According to senior social media specialist Sid Shuman, the camera simply isn’t compatible with PSP Go: “No workaround that I know – the camera was designed for the pre-PSP Go models only. Maybe you can borrow a friend’s?”

Unbelievable. Granted, I couldn’t give a toss about EyePet or Invizimals, but if anything sums up what an ill-fitting cock-up PSP Go has been for Sony, this is it. “Hey guys, buy our new game! But remember you need old hardware to play it!”

Congrats again Sony. You massive, massive plonkers.

[Via 1UP]