[RUMOR] Grand Theft Auto: Vice City getting re-released

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is, hands down, my favorite GTA game ever, and it should be yours as well. Vice City gave us lurid Eighties outfits, the first chance to fly a helicopter over its world, and the best hero of the series to date in Tommy Vercetti.

Although the PS2 game can still be picked up second-hand for a couple of bucks, it looks like developer Rockstar is planning a re-release of the title. Kotaku spotted this entry – dated yesterday – over at the website for Australia’s Classification Board.

So Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is coming back in some form, and it’s going to be a “MODIFIED” version. PlayStation Store? Xbox Live Marketplace? I could believe either, though the idea of a modified Vice City with HD graphics and a locked 60fps frame-rate excites my excitable bits. We demand to know more, Rockstar!

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[Via Kotaku]