Bill Cosby Celebrates Life Of Late Son On Father’s Day [Video]

Bill Cosby has considerably been a father-figure to people all over the United States through his roles in major television series throughout his career, but he took the time on Father’s Day to celebrate the life of late son Ennis Cosby. The 75-year-old took to social media to share a photo of himself and Ennis, as well as a YouTube video of “Ennis’ Gift.”

The documentary is about overcoming dyslexia, which he posted to his personal website along with powerful quotes from Ennis. Cosby’s son was killed in an attempted robbery in 1997, but he was a shining young man who persevered and made a difference just like his father.

The popular comedian and actor has always honored his son’s life, but it must of been a special and emotional moment on Sunday that he decided to share with the world. Losing your son is a heartbreak nobody deserves, but Cosby has used the devastating loss as a learning lesson for not only himself, but for his supporters as well.

Bill Cosby is one of the most respectable men in all of television and comedy, and whenever he speaks out to the world it resonates inside us all and touches the hearts of thousands.

He posted quotes from his late son along with the picture, which are extremely powerful and enlightening.

“The happiest day of my life occurred when I found out I was dyslexic. I believe that life is finding solutions, and the worst feeling to me is confusion.” – Ennis Crosby, via his father’s website.

Here’s the photo Cosby posted to his site and Facebook page, courtesy of Steven Begleiter of


Bill Corsby celebrated the life of his son on Sunday.

Cosby is without a doubt very proud of Ennis for all he was able to accomplish, including earning degrees from both Morehouse College and Columbia University. The Cosby Show star shared his thoughts on his late son which was accompanied by the photo and video.

“Ennis William Cosby was our gift. And his gift is for you,” Bill Cosby added on the website, quoting himself and his wife Camille.