Boy rescues mother from car wreck using Nintendo DS

Holy crap, is there anything Nintendo’s mighty little handheld can’t do? If it’s not saving some kid’s damn eyesight, it’s rescuing people from vehicle wrecks. Whadda guy.

Here’s how the story goes: at roughly 10pm on Sunday, just as night set in, a family was involved in a car crash in Victoria, Australia. In an attempt to avoid a kangaroo (possibly the most Australian way to crash a car), the vehicle ended up rolled on its roof, with mother Kathleen trapped in the wreck as her three kids and her partner crawled to safety.

Unable to find his mother’s cellphone to ring the amberlamps, seven-year-old Christopher used the illuminated screens of his Nintendo DS to locate the lost phone and get help. Which is definitely PROOF that GAMES SAVE LIVES. Maybe.

Anyway, a happy ending came of it, as you can see above, and now Christopher, who’s bound to grow up to be freaking awesome with a name like that, has been put up for a Community Hero Award. And the heroic Nintendo DS? Just doin’ its job, ma’am.

[Bendigo Advertiser, via Kotaku]