[VIDEO] Drive the Top Gear track in Gran Turismo 5

The Top Gear test track is probably more widely known than some Formula One tracks, but perhaps that’s to be expected when it appears on every episode of the BBC’s universally popular Top Gear show.

That fame has won it the ultimate accolade, at least in gaming terms: an appearance in the Gran Turismo series, a driving sim franchise that remains one of the most well-regarded, despite recent tough competition. The Top Gear track will be playable in the PlayStation 3’s Gran Turismo 5, due out … er … some time soon, promise.

The video below is the first footage we’ve seen and although it’s only taken off-screen, GT5‘s striking, near-photorealistic visuals still shine through. Long-time viewers of the show will be able to recognize many famous parts of the circuit that has heaped humiliation and glory on minor celebrities – including the hammerhead, the follow-through, and Gambon.

[Top Gear, via Joystiq]