Paris Hilton arrested for smoking pot at World Cup

Paris Hilton was arrested today for allegedly smoking marijuana during the World Cup’s quarterfinal between Brazil and Holland.

Police confirmed that the 29-year-old socialite had been arrested, and that an “investigation was underway.” The Telegraph reports that Hilton had only been in South Africa for a day at the time of her arrest:

South Africa’s Times newspaper reported that Hilton was escorted by police to the Mount Road Police Station in Port Elizabeth shortly before 8pm.

Hilton only arrived in South Africa on Thursday for a World Cup trip.

Hilton has been tweeting about her trip but hasn’t mentioned her legal troubles:

Had so much fun at the game today. What a match! I love South Africa!

It’s so beautiful here. I can’t wait to go on the Safari this week and see all the amazing animals.

South Africa is such a beautiful place. Loves it!

It is believed that Hilton will appear at a special World Cup court established to handle additional crimes during the event.