Gold medalist Jenny Thompson attacked in Brookline, MA

Former Olympic athlete Jenny Thompson was attacked Monday night in Brookline around 10PM while out driving her Vespa.

Thompson, 37, fought off the assailants that were trying to steal her scooter:

According to a police report, “two dark-skinned black males, approximately 5’7″” got out of the car and approached Thompson. “I didn’t register what was going on and I said ‘Your lights are out.’ And the guy was like , ‘What about your lights?’ and proceeded to punch me in the face… then pushed me down and tried to take my scooter,” explained Thompson. “I fought them off and was screaming at the top of my lungs and people came out of the houses.”

The former competitive swimmer believes that her cries for help frightened the would-be thieves away:

The men ran off, leaving her and the scooter behind. “I was screaming so loud, I didn’t know I could scream so loud. I was screaming ‘Help! Help me! I’m being attacked!’ and I think that helped.”

Thompson was treated by an ambulance but not taken to the hospital. Local police arrested three young men with stolen scooters shortly after the attack, but it is not clear that they are linked to the incident.