David Reeves: Sony and Microsoft Delivering New Gaming Consoles By 2013

While at this moment in time it may appear that Microsoft and Sony are solely focused on 3D gaming and motion controls, former Sony Europe boss David Reeves (now at Capcom) spoke with GameIndustry.biz and led them to believe that the next generation of gaming consoles were on the way and would arrive in 2012 or 2013.

While making his predictions Reeves said:

“All the first-parties have got to be working on something. The tricky thing is when do you put a stake in the ground on technology? That’s the problem. You can be waiting a few extra months to implement something, but you’ve got to set a date to go with a certain chip at a certain point otherwise you’re going to miss the key milestones.”

Reeves was also asked about 3D gaming and he mentioned how simple it is to take a 2D game and turn it 3D. However he also adds that entire games probably won’t be featured in 3D, instead relying on certain sequences for 3D purposes.

I have to agree with his assessment as some individuals have felt sick after watching 3D movies and the intensity of such games could make matters worse and alienate some players.

In any case, with Kinect on the way and Sony focusing on 3D gaming options, it should be interesting to see what occurs over the next 2 to 3 years.

What do you think, is it time for next-generation systems to arrive?