Adocu Is The World’s First Nano-Blogging Platform

Adocu is a new microblogging service that takes the concept of micro to a new extreme: nano-blogging, or one word blogging. Think Twitter, but brief.

The system imposes that posts must be one word long. Users can write as many characters in a post as they wish, but they cannot use spaces. Like Twitter and similar services, users are provided with profile and message pages that include their Adocu posts (chirps??) and are able to connect with friends.

Since launching May 27 the most common response to the service has been to suggest it is a joke. The founders respond by saying that Adocu “it’s not a joke, its just a different, fun and free application for anyone to use that keeps you connected with your current friends and the ones you will make by letting them know what you’re up to.”

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