Microsoft Kinect priced at $150, pre-orders now open

Microsoft revealed its motion-sensing Xbox 360 Kinect device at E3 last week, but was oddly quiet about how much the thing would cost. Well, you can nip any rumors you may have heard in the bud now, because it’s going to be $149.99. That’s according to Microsoft’s own store. I’d say that’s a reliable source.

You can go there now and place a pre-order if you like. Here’s what you get for your green:

– Kinect sensor for Xbox 360
– Power supply cable
– User’s manual
– Wi-Fi extension cable

It’s out at some point this year, and will directly compete with Sony’s Move controller for the PlayStation 3. This is where things could get interesting, because Sony’s motion control gizmo is $100, a hefty $50 less than Kinect – and it comes with a camera and free game.

If you ask me, Sony may have hit the consumer’s impulse purchase sweet spot with that $100 price point. By asking the consumer to fork out $150, the price of a a new Xbox 360 Arcade, Microsoft may have missed a trick.

[Microsoft Store, via VG247]