Somehow, the Big 12 survives

After losing the University of Colorado to the Pac 10, and the University of Nebraska to the Big Ten, it now looks like the bleeding of the Big 12 conference will stop. This conference survives with 10 member schools somehow, and the Pac 10 and Big 10 will have to look elsewhere to continue to add schools. How the Big 12 got this done remains somewhat of a mystery, but it started with convincing the University of Texas to stay.

While people always want to talk about tradition and that tradition and rivalries are the biggest part of College Football, I don't think that is true for the Big 12. Really the Big 12 was made up of the old Big Eight when they decided to band together with the four Texas schools; Texas, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, and Baylor left the defunct Southwest Conference to join the likes of Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Missouri, Nebraska, and Colorado.

It now seems that the power within the conference has shifted from the original Big 8 schools to the Texas schools, and it seems Texas was the key to holding the conference together. Since all of this is about money, we have to wonder what kind of deal Texas got to stay. There have been many rumors as to what they may have gotten, but one thing is for sure, they got something. It is that something that is going to be the further demise of this conference.

Think about it, the reason school wanted to leave was to get more money from other conferences. If Texas cut a sweetheart deal, and will get a bigger share of the Big 12 pie than the other remaining nine schools, the crumbling of this conference has just been delayed. At some point the schools will want their due and relocate to other conferences to get it.

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