Singer Jenny Owen Youngs Reveals She Is Gay And Engaged

Folk singer Jenny Owen Youngs revealed she is gay and engaged to marry her partner later this summer.

The singer-songwriter made the announcement via an open letter published on the website The singer explained she was forced to keep her sexuality a secret due to her conservative upbringing.

According to Wonderwall, Jenny Owen Youngs said she hopes spreading the word about being “super gay” will help inspire others who are struggling with their own sexuality.

“In a perfect world, nobody would have to experience any of the negative side-effects of figuring out that you’re gay, which can include feeling confused, shameful, afraid, lost, or alone. In a perfect world, everyone could just like who they like, and get on with it,” the musician said in the letter.

In addition to coming out of the closet, Jenny Owen Youngs revealed she is currently engaged to marry the website’s co-creator Kristin Russo. The pair hope to tie the proverbial knot in the coming months.

“Having a firsthand view of the work that she and Dannielle do has been inspiring, and has also made me think more critically about my decision,” Youngs explained.

The singer-songwriter said it can be “damaging and isolating” for young gay people who don’t have anyone to look up to while struggling with their sexuality. Youngs said she wanted to let these folks know that they are not a mistake, and they are certainly not alone.


“I am thankful that in recent years, it has become a bit more common for people from all walks of life to step forward and identify themselves as human beings who also happen to be gay. I am proud to offer my voice to that expanding chorus,” the folk singer explained.

Are you a fan of Jenny Owen Youngs? What do you think about the musician’s struggles with being gay? Do you believe her letter will help others who are currently going through the same ordeal?

[Image via Shervin Lainez / Facebook]