Kate Middleton Has Officially Made Her Last Public Appearance

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has finally made her last public appearance in anticipation for her due date.

As already reported by an earlier article by The Inquisitr, Kate Middleton has decided to go on maternity as of this month; however, she made sure that she was able to make the Queen’s official birthday celebration, the Trooping the Colour parade, which took place yesterday.

The Duchess journeyed to London’s Whitehall in a pageant carriage accompanied by the Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Harry.

She maintained the expected royal waves and public recognitions as they made their way to watch the Horse Guards Parade, which is quite a feat when you take into account that Middleton is eight months pregnant.

Most moms by this point want to remain in a relaxed environment where they can just be themselves, not go to official occasions and smile and wave for the cameras; however, that’s part of the job when you’re the Duchess of Cambridge.

In the renowned UK event, Kate Middleton was seen sporting a soft pink Alexander McQueen coat and hat, which perfectly complimented her pregnancy bump; no doubt all moms reading this will relate to how hard it is to find clothes that fit properly when you’re expecting.

The news that Middleton made this event comes as surprise when readers consider that she was rumored to be taking it easy after the boat naming ceremony that took place the other day; it would seem that the royal is unable to ease up on her public duties so easily.

Therefore, although this appearance is meant to be her last until after the baby is born, it seems more than likely that Middleton will be unable to keep away from the public for long, which isn’t surprising when you take into account how loved she is by the public.

No doubt everyone remembers the hype when the royal baby news came out; it wasn’t that long ago that readers were hearing about Middleton’s second public appearance sporting her baby bump, and now she’s ready to make the last of her pregnancy preparations.

Nevertheless, for now, this is the last time the public will see Kate Middleton at a public event.

[Image via Huffington Post]