‘Star Trek’ Told In Eight-Bit Graphics [Video]

Star Trek eight-bit “game version” video has taken the Internet by storm; in a similar fashion to the Iron Man eight-bit version previously seen on YouTube, all viewers can do is watch the awesome videos, not actually play them.

The video, posted by CineBix, is actually by 8-Bit Cinema and basically sums up all the action and drama of Star Trek into a short 90 seconds clip; not bad considering that the 2009 film was over two hours long. Not that us Trekkies are complaining about that.

Well, the majority of fans didn’t seem to mind. This user, however, seems to have felt differently about the film:

“I knew it! I knew Star Trek (2009) was such a simple movie that it was basically just a videogame.”

Whether you agree with that line of reasoning or not, there is no denying that this is another brilliant installment from 8-Bit Cinema, and that makes us want to see more popular films pixilated in the near future; maybe they could do a Star Wars one next?

Although there’s a quite a few of those videos on YouTube, none has popped up from these talented creators and therefore leaves us asking the question why.

If they turned their hand to Star Wars, the hits they’d get would be incredible; maybe then the Trekkies and Star Wars fans could have a “battle off” to determine which sci-fi franchise is the best.

Of course, I’m kidding: Both of them are awesome in their own special ways, so let’s just leave it at that.


Despite being unable to play this retro retelling of J.J. Abrams 2009 film, gamers and Trekkies can still get a kick out of seeing their favorite characters save the world in brilliant pixilated fashion.

Who knows? Maybe these games will be seen again when The Inquisitr does their next video games awards, although it might seem likely (okay, very unlikely) it would be an awesome sight for gamers.

But for now why not sit back, relax and indulge in some eight-bit Star Trek. 

Charles Edwards / Shutterstock.com