Zappos Layoffs Revealed Through Twitter

Online retailer Zappos — the company hailed for its inventive use of Twitter as part of its business model — appears to have laid off some employees today. The news, ironically enough, is spreading through Zappos’ official employee Twitter page, as its employees leave messages discussing the apparent cutbacks. (Updated info on Zappos layoffs here)

“Sorry to everyone who got laid off,” one worker writes. “All my Zappos friends who got bad news today, keep your head up. Bigger and better things await you,” says another. “Much love to all my friends…you’re still family no matter where you end up! Keep your heads up!” a third posting states.

It’s not clear how many people were let go, though CEO Tony Hsieh did say the following (through, of course, his Twitter account):

“Very emotional day for everyone at Zappos. I’ll be sending out an update later today with details of what’s going on.”

Zappos has more than 400 employees on Twitter. Its CEO has 17,323 followers and is ranked as the #31 most followed Twitter user across the service.

Zappos Layoffs Update: 8 Percent of Staff Cut