About that 2012 disaster prediction …

If you are a believer of predictions and interpretations of possible visions of people long dead the one that is in everyone’s minds these days is the cataclysm predicted to hit our world on December 12, 2012; or at least according to people reading the old Mayan calendar. As we get closer to that date many are coming out against the whole thing calling it nothing more than a bunch of rubbish.

But what if it isn’t?

What is there is actually a natural event that is due to take place within that time frame that could indeed have catastrophic effects on our world – especially our technology we have become so reliant on.

Well, according to scientists at NASA our Sun could be walking up from an eons long slumber and it doesn’t bode well for us.

Uh oh. “The Sun is waking up from a deep slumber,” NASA ‘s Richard Fisher says. It looks like old Sol is going to be in a cranky mood when it becomes fully awake, ready to wreak havoc on gadgets across the globe. Could this be the 2012 disaster superstitious fraidy-cats are babbling about?

In April, one of the most massive solar eruptions in years occurred. Luckily, Earth wasn’t in the line of fire. Scientists warn that if we find ourselves in the path of one of these gigantic solar storms, it could cost $2 trillion to fix the resulting mess. Big uh-oh. That’s 20 times the damage of Hurricane Katrina.

We depend so much on technology, this could be an unprecedented disaster. Not only would such an eruption take out numerous satellites that we use for GPS navigation, communications, TV and Internet, but our electrical grid could conduct the massive amount of electromagnetic energy released, perhaps knocking out power across the globe in the most gigantic blackout in history. The Sun could turn the whole world into North Korea.

Source: DVICE

Now scientists are suggesting that much of the potential damage can be averted by putting satellites in to a safe mode and shutting down transformers on smart electrical grids, as well as shutting down all our gadgets when we know one of these huge solar storms are coming. Luckily NASA is constantly improving its solar storm predicting with the help of things like the Solar Dynamics Observatory.

Keep up the good work guys because it seems we are going to go through a period where the Sun is goinf to be excessively bitchy.