Adobe ConnectNow a WebEx Killer?

Adobe has launched, an multi-function office package built around the new version of Adobe Acrobat.

The service offers word processor, PDF converter, conferencing and file storage. The wordprocessor is gorgeous visually, and the PDF converter handy, but it’s Adobe’s ConnectNow service that could be the biggest market disrupter here.

To quote Eric Rice on Scoble: “I just went to and played with Adobe’s online office suite. Holy crap. That ConnectNow is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Adobe ConnectNow is a cross platform web conferencing solution that is easy to access and simple to use. Built (I presume) using Adobe’s AIR platform, it’s functional, good looking, and has a kick-ass range of features including support for webcams/ video conferencing, chat, VOIP + landline support (you get a call-in number if you want one), all this on top of the desktop sharing. Best of all is the price: free with support for a max of 3 meeting participants. There is also a paid Pro version that supports up to 1500 people.

I had a quick play with it and the most impressive thing: it just worked on my Mac, unlike a good portion of WebEx’s offering which only works on a PC (and I’ve been caught not being able to get on conferences before because of this). Given AIR runs on Linux I’d presume that ConnectNow will work on Linux boxes as well.

WebEx has established markets and customers, but Adobe isn’t a foreign brand name in the corporate space, giving the service an immediate leg up in awareness and trust.

The full guide below using the embed feature from the share part of the service (it can be opened to full screen via the arrow top right…they won’t be taking business from Scribd in this space).