Is Subway finally going to start tessellating cheese?

The internet has been cumulatively annoyed at Subway for years because they refuse to tessellate their cheese.

If you’re a touch OCD, you probably have to look away as your sandwich is assembled at Subway. The triangle-shaped cheese slices would fit perfectly on one side of the bread, creating an impenetrable cheese wall that would evenly distribute cheesy goodness throughout every bite of your Subway creation- if Subway tessellated the cheese. For some reason unknown to man, Subway ‘sandwich artists’ line the cheese slices up in a way that causes cheese overlap in some areas, and cheeseless deserts in others, so each bite of your sub is filled with uncertainty and confusion.

Comics have circulated. T-shirts have been made. Countless blog posts have lamented the lost possibilities of cheese tessellation on every sub created at Subways globally. And it looks as if Subway has finally taken heed of the tessellated cheese situation and amended the problem… in Australia and New Zealand. A leaked memo on Consumerist indicates that Subway locations in that part of the world will begin tessellating cheese starting July 1st. Why the lag? Perhaps the company needs to undergo massive staff retraining to begin company-wide cheese tessellation, or training materials need to be updated to reflect the new, more logical cheese arrangements on Subway subs.

It is unclear whether American branches of the chain plan to follow suit and begin tessellating cheese. Need a refresher on tessellation? Below is a video from PBS’s math show Square One, explaining how the concept works.