2010 NFL Draft in review: Denver Broncos

It seems a grade for the 2010 Denver Broncos draft class comes down to if you are a Tim Tebow fan or not. I am not a big fan of Tebow, but I understand that he has a lot of potential. If he can play to the potential then this draft class looks a heck of a lot different. If he fails, then the Broncos worked several draft day trades for little tangible result. I have no idea if Tebow will bust or not, but I have seen a lot of QB’s come into the NFL that needed to work on their mechanics, and I have seen most of them fail as NFL QB’s. For now I am willing to give Tebow a chance, but it was a hell of a risk.

This team furthered that risk by taking WR Demaryius Thomas with the 22nd overall pick. I don’t like the comparison to Calvin Johnson since the two played at the same school. As a native Detroiter I have seen the talent that is Johnson, and witnessed him bring little tangible results to the field of play. These are both boom or bust picks, and that is not how I would conduct a NFL draft. With their only second round pick They took OT Zane Beadles out of Utah and the Broncos think he will move inside, and play guard for them. Of the three this seems to be the safest pick.

With that being said here is a look at the initial grades for the 2010 Broncos draft class:

Round One (22nd)- A, Thomas was the of the top rated WR’s in this draft, even though there are several concerns about him
•Round One (24th)- C, I would say incomplete but the fact here is they took a huge gamble on Tebow
Round Two– A, Beadles was a highly thought of Guard prospect
•Talent- B-, Tebow is a risk, and Thomas needs work since he played in a basic offense in College
•Need- D, this team switched to a 3-4 defense last year and still does not have the right personnel to run it effectively, they did however find a repalcement for Brandon Marshall.

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